Jumat, 30 Oktober 2009

When I Look You in the Eyes, dear

if the heart is always searching
can you ever find a home
i've been looking for that someone
i can't make it on my own

dreams can't take the place of loving you
there's gotta be a million reasons why it's true

when you look me in the eyes
and tell me that you love me
everything's alright
when you're right here by my side

when you look me in the eyes
i catch a glimpse from heaven
i find my paradise
when you look me in the eyes

how long i will be waiting
to be with you again
gonna tell you that i love you
in the best way that i can

i can't take a day without you here
you're the light that makes my darkness disappear

every day, i started to realize
i can reach my tomorrow
i can hold my head high
and it's all because you're here by my side

Jonas Brothers

this song is especially for: YOU, DEAR

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