Kamis, 18 Maret 2010

Right here right now

Hey. Now i'm online from my mother's operamini.
I want to talk to you about him. You know that he seems like... Speak my world. He gives me power and spirit in my whole life. I can tell him about everything, i can share. I also can be a good audience. No matter who he is, i'm feeling happy with him.
But i don't like to see him angry, disappointed, or sad. And i'm very - perfectly sad, that the cause of those above is me. And now see? Seems like he's unnotice me. Oh God, in the time like this, i'm sure that i absolutely hate twitter!
All i want right now is just make sure that everything will be alright and i want to know if he really want to be with me
oh, for those who read this post, i'm so sorry about this love stuff. Just close my blog if you mind

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