Sabtu, 02 Februari 2013

Don't you scared?

"I have a deep curiosity about anything; what's hiding above the skies, what's buried under the ground, what smell does the air bring, what symphony does the wind whisper...
What happen next if I decide to escape.
Some feelings are creeping deep in my mind, they are echoing, calling my name but I refuse to hear, I try to ignore. But as I try to be ignorant, they chase me like I'm a prey, they shout and call my name. Some feelings, are like a deadly kiss in the winter storm, or a sun burning hot in the middle of summer. Deadly kiss, poisonous --- an instant death in a second. A blackout. A sun burning your skin, like there are thousands fire flaming under your fat, trying to burn you in a second without your shout -- but they can't.
I hope this is a dream. As soon as I know the way out, I'll be awake.
I look everywhere, I touch every door -- before they begin to lose. I want to escape, get back what I deserve, step on something I really want to. But all I get under my skin is not realizations of desire.
What I get under are not more than pain, hate, and trap. I'm feeling prisoned. Let me out!

I look at my hands and all blackout turns to red. Like a dazzling red you got on your lipstick. A knife is perfectly pretty with that.
I walk further behind and see. I kill you. I kill them. I kill that pain, hate, and trap. That red on my hands, on the knife, on the floor, is surely a morphine -- a painkiller.

Finally, I'm free."

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