Rabu, 30 Juni 2010

girl... a poem

girl, please wake up from your own world
step your feet to the other side and see there's someone walking behind you
always looking from a distance
always keeping you safe
always wanting to be yours

girl, you know it hurts
you shall not dancing alone, because there's someone
who wait you to be his partner and his savior
you must not crying because
there's someone who ready to dry it up
i say it to you, doesn't mean i'm mighty
i just want you to realize and know
that happiness some times come unexpectedly
in suddenly

i hope you will not regret, girl
once you let go your happiness, it will be hard to lead it back

he drops tears
he bleeds
he moans
and he loves
he sees only a young lady
who stares at her world profoundly
he made you songs of silence
he trashed his feeling just in a stare of his eyes

you don't know me girl, but i know you
i am not anyone of your life but i still stare at you
you're smiling and it invites my desire
please, drop your smile to the man who always missing it

ditunjukkan buat semua cewek yang independen
hey girls, liat mungkin dibelakangmu kamu punya secret admire! atau pacar yang selalu rela ada buat kamu. jadi jangan pernah merasa sendirian. gaharus pacar kok, temen juga bisa :)
cheer up, ladies. God will lead you to your right man and long-lasting happiness

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