Jumat, 02 Juli 2010

hero... a poem

i thought you were insanely human
you'd never flown up to sky
and you'd not wear red underwear outside your clothes
and brought me to the top of the mount
i was insanely wrong
'till i got you as my savior
my guide light, my laughter
'till you made my dreams seemed real
and we stood up at strength
hero, you gave me so much thing i never imagined
woke me up from the endless dream
made me strong with your breathe
made the sins seemed light and nothing
as days go on, deep, in my mind
the breeze would take you away
far from my reaching hands
you kept in the silence you kept a distance
i knew you'd gone and alone
can you be my savior, guide me into a light garden of God?
save me from all hurts
making all the wrong things become make sense?

dikutip dari diary oon gua
judul diary --> DIARY DEPRESI
terkadang gua bikin ginian suka spontan nih, tapi ini khusus buat cewek cewek yang lagi punya hero, dan gamau kehilangan hero-nya :p

oke, baibaih

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