Senin, 26 Juli 2010

Secret Admirer -- a fanatical poem

dry glows at the heart as my heart feels so much heavy | and then the breeze comes, gives me your presence but not the realization of the secret admirer | the shadow that walks behind you | the pray that leads you | and the heart scream that saves you | my faith will always guide you as it always be | give me reason of this pumping out desires| and why it treats me so over | share you some secrets of lonely heart slowly | as i wear a mask | hide inside | and afraid that you will run away from the spaces i ever expected | and always hide try to not seeking by you | can you read me from a distance | anything written in the reliefs of my face | that admiring is so sick | when the fact won't let you realizing | oh, secret admirer

lagu ini buat temen temen semua yang lagi punya seseorang yang dikagumin. ohaha enjoooy~

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