Selasa, 21 Desember 2010

I'm telling you, I love you

Let's grow old together
Share some shits and the sweets in a fate
Shape future in a good art
Try to promise and hold on compromise
Built a great castle named home
Grow some kids and raise them to be stars
See them success and let them go

Spent our time sitting on the sofa in loneliness
Hear the cuckoo clock singing
Watch favorite programs with cups of tea
Sick and down
Care and cure
See us become ugly and so weak

And finally let's go to the ground
Rest in

you are the one with those smiling eyes. they laugh when i cry because the lie you acted. and you are the one who usually come with those morning messages and midnight calls. you are the one who usually leave me talking alone, while you're on your own dreamland. you are the one with whom i spent a rainy day drown in a fucking flood.

you are the one who slept in the backside of the class while i was busy with all messy things in the class. you are the one who make me had some difficulties to finish eating. you are the one who waited me while i was finishing my speech for a competition. you are the one who come unpredictably whether i feel lonely or not, happy or not. you are the one with those awesome ideas for my birthday. you are the one who like to hear me flirt you. you are the one from whom i want to hear love words. you are the only one thunder.

that's why now i'm counting my love but how fool i am, it's uncountable

DoubleD Prudential

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