Sabtu, 25 Desember 2010

the way

the way i say te amo is not in an usual way
because there's nothing simple between us. nothing simple for loving you
because there's nothing ordinary about you. there's more than usual, the way you are

the way we tell our sins, our laughter, our pain
the way you mad, the way i cry
it doesn't make sense why it's so unusual

the way we sing Maroon 5 - She will be Loved
the way we laugh because the endless jokes
as we laugh day by day night by night
in the silent night. lovely times. i want to spend more time with you

the way i remind you to stop before the zebra cross in the traffic light
the way i shout when you drive too fast
the was i look at the mirror just to see those smiling eyes
the way i remember that the time is going to be gone
each day, less time we can spend together
seems like you'll gone by the wind and i'm unable to catch

the way you make it hard to swallow my food
the way you make it hard to breathe
the way you make it easy to laugh
the way you make it easy to be speechless

the way you read 'terselubung' updates for me
the way you blink your eyes
the way you sleep
the way your voice of laugh
the way you hang on your motorcycle
the way you smile

it's so the way you are -Frdsdn FirdausDina

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