Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

Sing It Out Loud. About Us. 1

On one lonely night, a girl sat in front of her computer, listening to the songs she used to hear.
"And I wish that you could be the one I'll die with,
and I pray that you're the one I'll build my home with,
I hope I love you all my life"

That's Daniel Beddingfield's If You're not the One. And the girl couldn't stop herself for doing stupid thing - imagining herself finding a man whom she'd sing the song. But where was the man? She still searched any. And then she went sleep. Before she reached her dreamland, her phone vibrated and woke her up. A message... From? What?

The insane senior that asked her for a ride to go home that afternoon.
And without her willing, her fingers typed words to reply.

The girl was fucked off. Thousand problems were clouding her. She broke everything up. Her relationship, her friendship, all shattered. She needed to fix everything, as soon.
Cheering herself, she went to somewhere new, learned something new. And when she started it all, a message came, from the one that ever asked her a ride. She just replied, and she had no idea that those replies would get her into a complex condition, as soon.

She couldn't lie. She wasn't a good liar. She screwed everything for more, but she just realized:
"Why do I keep running from the truth?
All I ever think about is you,
You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized,
And I just got to know..."

She got a Love Drunk.
Really drunken by love. From A to Z, from head to toe. The one asked her for ride -- he really made her accidentally in love. And now, he stood beside her. They faced a pouring rain, and the sky seemed so gray.
"So when will we go home?"
"I have no idea, but the rain's heavy. Ah, really I have to meet my friend, I have promised her"
"But the rain... You should tell her. We'll be so wet if we go home now"

So the girl told her friend what happened and the boy tried to catch her conversation.
Believe it or not, it was kinda make her heart jumped out from her chest.

She disconnected her call, and stood beside him. He smiled. Enough to make her dead of a stroke.
"Look at the sky. It's almost white there. The rain will take a long time"

She didn't answer anything. Not because she didn't wanted to, it was because of his smile, killing her softly. He blinked and said,
"Hey, do you love me?"

And the silence started for more, and ended.
"Why do you ask it?"
"Just want to know, do you love me?"

Silence started, and ended.
"Yes, I do"
"So, you want to be my girlfriend?"
"If I say 'yes'?"
"Then, I thank God"
"What if I say 'no'?"
"Then I'll jump"

"Oh please, no. Yes, yes..."
"Yes what?"
"Yes, I want to be yours."

The lightning couldn't stop anything, they were drunken. Totally drunk. He smiled again, and that time the girl thought she'd die because of that smile - and how such an heavenly way to die it was.

Thunders yelled around. But, the one who stood beside her was the greatest thunder of all.

"Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors,

I don't wanna ever love another,
You'll always be my thunder,
So bring on the rain,
And bring on the thunder"


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