Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

Sing It Out Loud. About Us. 2

As the days passed by, the girls stood beside him, every day. She lived the relationship well, as she loved him more each days. Until a message came.
"Our relationship seems so flat"

And getting that message, the girl really didn't have any idea to fix it.
Beside crying.
She knew that crying wouldn't solve even a little thing, but it was all she wanted to do. Stupid.

The next day was harder for her. She should accepted the truth that the boy was the one that got away. He was gone, leaving her. Because the relationship seemed so flat.

And like it wasn't enough, as she arrived at home, she got a news.
He was already in a relationship with other girl.
He was gone, leaving her. Because he got a new one.

And the playlist broke her heart for more. She shouted her feeling after the lyrics.

"Does she watch your favorite movie? // I don't know!
Does she hold you when you cry // Oh it was me who always did that.
Does she let you tell her all your favorite parts when you've seen it a million times? // Uh!
Does she sings to all your music, // I guess she doesn't hear Alesana...
When you dance to purple rain, // WHAT IS PURPLE RAIN???!!!
Does she do all these things, like I used to?" // Maybe she doesn't do that. Isn't like my way.

Maybe his new girlfriend didn't do what she used to do. But his new girlfriend did her things in her way better than what she did. Sad.
"I was a sucker for love. Feeling cheated. And you were on my mind."
It was almost her birthday, but everything seemed so wrong.

And after cried in her birthday, he stood there in front of her with his new (fake) girlfriend and brought a cake, said
"IT'S ALL A DRAMA. I'm all yours".

And that day she promised she never wanted to feel anything about losing him.

He was always be there. His shadow fulfilled the mirror on his ride.
And those smiling eyes looked very friendly, very cheerful, and dazzling.
And she really loved to see the way they blinked.

And sometimes, there would be a time when the eyes seemed so cold, and she couldn't see anything warm from the mirror. The time they fought, and some problems took control of them.
They moved, they grew, not only by the happiness, but the worst part, and the sorrows. They lived by emotions, however, but they seemly needed to stick up together.

"It's not always rainbows and butterfly,
It's compromise that moves us along"

And it would help them to understand.

"I know where you hide, alone at your car,
Know all the things that made you who you are,
I know that goodbyes mean nothing at all,
come back and beg me to catch her every time she falls..."

The days run. And it was impossible for the girl to not feeling sad. The exams were about to come, and the boy got busier. And in months, the boy would be ready to dumped his uniform and went to college. And beside all the business that should be done, there was so many time to be together. And she - once again had no idea about how she could be in love with him this much.

"I know your face,
Your eyes,
Your lips,
Your taste,
I love the way you know
Just what to say..."

And like a calm-downing savior, every time she felt so much disturbed by the upcoming graduation time, she'd remember what he has told her:

"Take it easy baby, we can make it right,
Girl you know my love is always on your side,
Rest your eyes tonight,
You know that my love,
Is on your side"

After all the things they shared, after the memories they made...
They sat down in silence. The radio was turned on. And that evening, the songs seemed so melancholic until the girl felt very sensitive and seemed-like-bubble gum. They kept in silence until the song was played.

"If you just realize what I just realized,
that we've been perfect for each other,
and we'd never find another.
Just realized what I just realized,
we'd never have to wonder,
if we missed out on each other now"

The girl blushed and smile. She looked at her man deeply, ashamed.

Let's make this last, she whispered in her heart.

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